About Me

VJ Gear

I am India’s most prominent Aviation Photographer.
Its a hobby of mine which has made me some incredible friends from all over the world, taken me places i otherwise wouldn’t have been to & seen things i normally would not have.
Its now something that basically Defines me.

Do Look-up My Photos: On Airliners.net | On JetPhotos.net

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My Photos have been used by (Among Others) Boeing, Airbus & The Times of India.

Here’s an article on me that featured on the FRONT-PAGE of The Hindustan Times

AFM Cover

Article featuring me & my friends in The Times of India published on Feb 26th 2012

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17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Namaste Sir,Website and the pics are really grt but still their is one requirement HD videos of Tejas Pls if u could just make a few.Thanks Regards.


  2. Hey Vishal,
    I finally came across your website today quite by chance. Happy to see your passion for plane spotting grow year on year. Very happy to see you being recognised with published articles as well.
    Any development in your passion for flying / airline piloting?
    All the best in your endeavours.


  3. Oye hilarious Vishal…
    Yaar kamaal keep pics hai…
    Good job. So full time photographer ban gays.. man that was your dream..best of luck yaar. Take care.


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