Pre-Wedding: Leroy & Natlyn | Ras al-Khaimah, UAE

After shooting their Valentine’s Day Engagement, Leroy & Natlyn called me over to Dubai to do their Pre-Wedding photos.

I wanted to try-out a few different things in the variety of beautiful locations available in the UAE. However, time was an issue due to the busy working lives of the couple.

Leroy suggested we do the first shoot on the virgin beaches of Ras al-Khaimah. The plan was to drive down to a friend’s house in RAK the night before (which is what we did) so that we could wake-up fresh & early for the pictures instead of being fatigued by the long drive down from Dubai.

However, the high-spirited night meant a late slumber and all but me kept-up to the original plan of waking-up at 0600 & hitting the beach nextdoor by 0610-0615.

Our feet only touched the golden sands past 0900 when the Sun was well & truly up and in full-blast 😑

One of the things with photography, as i keep learning on the job – is adapting with the given circumstances which were far from the sweet soft morning light that i had planned for but, nevertheless i still had a beautiful location and a well rested, excited, in-love couple ready to give me what i wanted.

I didn’t realise when the next 90 minutes flew-by as we went round shooting.


I am also grateful to my extremely selfless & generous friends Nishant Rao & Amit who raced down from Dubai on just 1 call to help me with things and to drive me back home in DXB as Leroy & Natlyn chose to spend the day at our very gracious hosts’ home in Ras al-Khaimah.

We shot our second & final shoot in Dubai a week later, pictures to follow soon 😉

Cheers – VJ

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